Processing of wet blue hides

Sofas, shoes, bags, leather belts are the final products of a long series of processing of wet blue hides made by qualified people with the aid of innovative machineries.

The process begins with the control of the hides that takes place in the warehouse in Arzignano.

Subsequently, the hides are soaked, that is put into a drum with water to acquire flexibility and softness. The quantity of water absorbed is then reduced by pressing, which also favours the distension of the hides, thus preparing them for the next phase of the process.

With the splitting the hides are divided into two layers obtaining the grain (upper and most precious layer) and the splits (lower layer); depending on the final use of the grain, the splitting thickness is also determined.

At this point the hides are ready for shaving, a phase that allows to uniform the thickness.

After shaving, the grain is further selected according to the intended use (furniture, car interior and leather goods) and finally measured.